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Unit Stills • Editorial • Documentary

Deborah's Grosmark's photographic passions lie in the immersion of the staged production, rings of sawdust and cinematic settings. Each commission culminates in a comprehensive and expressive body of work that fulfills the wide array of production imagery essential for today's print and digital market.  When considering behind the scenes and EPK work, she propels herself fully through every element of production, experiencing and documenting the collective journey from the inside, out.  She masterfully balances visual representations above and below the line, capturing a production's key pivotal moments, as a whole and entity unto itself.

Deborah works on every scene with an intuitive understanding of the complexities and rhythm of on-set dynamics. She upholds a low-key presence, while dedicating herself to sustaining the director's chosen working atmosphere.  Through a foundation of awareness, perspective and sensitivity, she creates images that stay truthful to her subject matter, while remaining genuine to the story both in front and behind the lens. Deborah's unique collaborative approach aims to transport its viewers and breathe life into each frame, as she poetically contributes towards both the productions timeless message and purpose.

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